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Central Ground Communication (CGC) (2)

In order to deal with the increasing complexities of handling and conducting a flight cycle, the involved parties must always be able to communicate in a fast and simple manner. We have therefore created a telephony routing platform. Referring to the corresponding flight number, CGC allows better, simpler, and clearer communication between all parties involved in a flight. This automation raises responsiveness and efficiency, allowing for increased punctuality and quality.

The solution is provided as a “hosted solution”, meaning that installation, training, and servicing is ensured by Dacher Systems GmbH. The operating costs of hosting, maintenance, and telephony are invoiced clearly on a monthly basis.

The Central Ground Communication (CGC) software, developed by Dacher Systems GmbH, is based on a sophisticated telephone routing platform operated via voice and app technology, which also offers all the advantages of voice-over IP technology. The telephone engine, the heart of the application, is based on proven and reliable Linux technology. It is cluster-capable and thereby highly available, allowing the system to be designed with redundancy.

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  • Telefon-Routing- Plattform
  • Flugnummern basierte Kommunikation
  • Verbesserte Reaktionsfähigkeit im operativen Prozess
  • Direkte Erreichbarkeit aller Beteiligten
  • Funktionsbasiertes Telefon-Routing
  • Dynamische Echtzeit- Aktualisierung
  • Zentrale Einwahl über eine Nummer
  • Volle Kostenkontrolle


About us

Dacher Systems GmbH was founded in 2005 by the current Managing Director, Tiberius Dacher. Our clients are currently spread across many European countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Canada, and the USA, among others. Fifteen years ago, we founded our nearshore center in Kronstadt/Brasov in Romania to cater for the increasing demand for customized software. Since then, we have been supporting several nationally and internationally operating businesses from our nearshore center, including the aerospace sector. Airlines in particular have entrusted the development and maintenance of highly complex software products to us. These are explicitly programmed according to customer specifications while professional support is provided from Berlin, Zurich, and Kronstadt during the ongoing software cycle. This is how our portal solutions4airlines.com – which provides our solutions directly to the airlines that are interested in them – came about.